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Casey, 20. Part time Bostonian, part time Vermonter, full time fangirl. Groovy UV student, currently studying abroad in Vienna. I mostly post Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, but I'm also a lover of Firefly, Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lost, Game of Thrones, Les Miserables, Starkid, Torchwood, Star Trek, Star Wars, House, 24, and so much more. Feel free to say hey!

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Fitz +Jemma

  #i ship them as a bromance    #but i still love the way he says her name    #idk    #aos    #fitzsimmons  
  #omgggg    #HIS CHAIR    #avengers    #age of ultron    #rdj  

agents of shield: a serious show about serious agents going on serious missions together

  #aos    #also btw i am loving all this agents of shield on my dash    #KEEP IT COMING FOLKS  
  #ferris bueller's day off    #cameron frye  

miss me?


miss me?

  #sherlock    #moriarty  
Agent Phillip Coulson?
  #aos    #his first name is agent?  




#your face is a rare gift


Girls want Legolas, but women want Aragorn.

  #i was 6 the first time i saw this    #and there was no going back    #lotr    #aragorn  

this is what a good hitler joke looks like


this is what a good hitler joke looks like

  #omg    #ha  

it’s Earth day but it’s also Doctor & River’s anniversary


therefore i give you this


River is trying to finish the work she’s started at the university which explains the broken vase and skull. Archeology, riiight? The Doctor meanwhile wants to distract her by agressive cooking and acting like an adorable idiot, which apparently works.

It’s old as balls but what the hell… happy anniversary sweeties!


I love people who make me forget that I’m shy